Here you can find all the material you need for the class - the lecture slides, links to lab repos on Github, readings for the week.

Material Slides Lab HW
Week 1 Introduction. OLS Recap
Week 2 OLS in Matrix Form
Week 3 OLS in Matrix Form and Probability Theory
Maximum Likelihood Estimation Material Slides Lab HW
Week 4 A first peek at Maximum Likelihood
Week 5 Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Heteroskedastic Regression
Week 6 Models for Binary Dependent Variables & Model Fit
Week 7 Interpretation and Simulation
Week 8 Ordered Choice Models & How to write a publishable Paper
Week 9 Multinomial Choice Models
Week 10 Conditional Logit Model
Week 11 Selection Bias and Multi-Equation Models
Selected Topics Material Slides Lab HW
Week 12 Multi-level Models
Week 13 Baby Bayes – a primer
Week 14 Student Presentations